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    Sokol x Obama Kush Crumble

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    Chemband macro!

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    Sour diesel

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    #goldenratioextracts SFV OG shatter 🔥 terpy goodness

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    mango haze by #goldenratioextracts ✨

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    Photo: Anthony Van

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    Couple of Grimm collab tubes available through Tobacco leaf glass gallery in Tallahassee, Fl

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    Chem OG Mix 90m

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    kryptonic bubble hash from #phytologiewellness of oakland , CA #2014yearofthebubble 🔥💦

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    Some🔥🔥🔥C🍪🍪KIES #grease#icewax the homie @chubzillaa had 👌🔥💨💨🌴⛽️⛽️ by paradisextracts http://ift.tt/1rDAjVp


  11. Anonymous said: Whats a micron?


    A micron, or micrometer, is a unit of length which equals one millionth of a meter. In the realm of bubble hash, a micron can also refer to the grade of the extract. 

    When you see hash labeled 73u, a mesh with holes 73 microns wide was used to make it. The goal of bubble hash / dry sift extraction is to get the tiny trichomes to fit through mesh holes. To collect the finest quality hash you must find the micron size of an average trichome head. However, each strain differs in trichome production. Sativas tend to produce smaller trichome heads, while indicas can be three times as large.

    Full melt sativa hash is often produced in the 25u range, blonde looking hash in the 45u range, full melt indica around 73u, lots of bubbles in the 120u range, decent indica in the 160u range, and anything beyond that is often contaminated, green, and best left for cannabis butter.

    Hope that helps,
    Stay regular super stoner~


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    trainwreck bubble hash 🔥✨ #2014yearofthebubble 40 a gram and some fire from #phytologieoakland

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    Dab Robots by Michael Hulsebos



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    Blue Dynamite ⚡

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    Harlequin cbd dab ftw